Basic FTC law demands that I reveal which products and/or links to products appearing on my website that will earn me an affiliate commission if any of my readers and site visitors buy them.

I guess you may be wondering what exactly affiliate marketing is.

Essentially, when you visit my site you’ll find unique links to specific products and/or services that if you click on and go ahead to purchase the said product or service, I get a small commission from the seller/manufacturer. It works similar to the way salespeople at shops or clothing stores receive commissions according to the total number of sales they bring to their employers. The main difference is that, in my case, we’re doing this online.

I could just sit behind my laptop, enjoy advancing my coding skills, and write code all day (or in my free time), but I have bills to pay. That’s why I have some affiliate links included on my site to earn some money from the products, books, courses, and services you buy via my connection to my selling partners.

I only collaborate with companies who sell products/services that are helpful to my readers and clients. I see it as a win-win-win situation for the three parties involved: the affiliate link sponsors reach you with their products/services, I also get some compensation for the time and cash I invest to make my blog’s free content while my readers get access to tools that can help them. Wow, mission accomplished!

My principal aim with this blog remains to help my readers and clients. That’s why I only affiliate with products/services that I believe are worthwhile, and for the most part, the ones I’ve personally used and proved useful.

Please don’t buy any product or service you find on my website if you don’t need it.

Approximately 95% of the links, content, and photos on my website have no direct material connection to the products, services or brands I’ve mentioned. However, it’s okay to assume any link you find here is an affiliate one.

In case of any questions regarding my affiliate marketing campaign, please contact me directly by email at I’ll be glad to make any clarifications on any queries you may be having.

If you ask me, I’d term affiliate marketing as an incredible online tool that most, if not all, website owners should leverage on to boost their earnings.